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It is no news that Distance learning (online education) is becoming one of the most engaging platforms for students, workers, businessmen and women, and people of all works of life. Good a thing, the Nigerian society is keying in to this wonderful global initiative. This is never a bad thing, rather it is a great improvement in the Nigeria’s march towards sustainable development and improvement of academic quality in the nation. 

Nevertheless, it is always a very daunting and frustrating experience when you try to search for a well-organized information zone to gain ample information about this learning platform. One cannot find it appealing and economical to surf the entire websites online in search of help for online education. Hence, Distance Learning NG comes to the fore to ease this process.

Distance Learning NG is an initiative of a young Nigerian Graduate, who researches and render relevant information regarding distance learning and online learning for evry online student with special interst on Nigerian students.

We appreciate your visit here and we strive to make your visit worth your precious time. There is no time to waste in life and that is why we want to help you with this information as much as we can with the hope that you will find it very relevant for your online education. We would have hoarded the information and probably share it with a few persons in our reach – but for what use? Gladly, this platform brings the possibility of reaching you and so we are pleased to serve you.

This blog is meant for you, so feel free to contact us whenever you feel the need to do so. We will be happy to hear from you and our response is amazingly quick. Remember, this blog is all about you, for you and with you. Relax, take a drink beside you and enjoy the information.
Do you want to reach us for anything at all please make use of our contact form.   

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